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  • The trip along the northside of the Sognefjord to the village of Leirvik. With the possibility to continue to Hyllestad where you can visit the ancient millstone park 'Kvernsteinspark'', where you can enjoy a guided tour, grind your own flour and bake bread over the fire Viking-style.

Cycle route on the south side of the Sognefjord to the quirky and unique Wilderness museum in Massnes or to the Ikkjefjord, where hiking routes are available.
Lavik provides comfortable rental bikes. The cycle routes in the area are perfect for any kind of cycler – whether you are a weathered semi-pro or an enthusiastic newbie. Choose between our easy-terrain bikes (Scott Sub Cross 45) or our touring bike (Merida Hybrid Freesport 8) and start exploring.

Good to know:

Pick up and return at Lavik Fjord Hotel
Bike helmets and visibility vests are included in the rent
It is possible to order a packed lunch!

1 Days
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Høyanger, Norway